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We met up with 18 year-old Trey Camden just a few days after his18th birthday. "I couldn't wait to meet you guys.. I was so excited", Trey told us. "People told me I should give this a try, so I looked and looked and finally decided to contact you guys". Back home in Chicago, you can usually find Trey and his friends checking out the Art Institute or one of the other museums. "I pretty much hang around with other dudes who like art, especially modern art which is what I want to do someday. A couple of the guys are gay, and really hot.. so sometimes when we leave we head over to somebody's apartment and fuck! Or somedays we can't wait, and we just look for a mens room that's not busy. There's one we really like down by the lake but... well, that's another story to tell ya some day". Trey admits to loving oral sex, and only recently tried bottoming. "Oh man, I absolutely love to suck cock and ya know what.. I'm good at it. Of course, I like to get mine sucked too, and it's pretty thick. Guys love that." The best sex he ever had? "OK, well it was at graduation practice and I got there really early and my buddy Josh and I went to the locker room and he sucked my cock and made me fuck him. It was so cool, and I really got turned on by the prospect of somebody coming in, but nobody did. Oh well, maybe in college...."
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Trey Camden

Featured in:
Playguy Magazine (Jan. 2002), Playguy Magazine (Mar. 2001), Allboy Magazine (Nov. 2000)

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