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Who is Citiboyz?
We consider ourselves to be a "pro-am" company, meaning that we produce a product of high production value, but with amateur and first-time models. In business since 1998, we have released 77+ original DVD titles that are sold around the world. Our photography has been featured in dozens of national magazines, and is also featured on many of the world's most popular gay websites.
What are you
looking for?
We are looking for above-average looking guys 18 to 22 years old, although we would consider up to age 25 if you are youthful looking. We prefer guys who are first-timers or have only done amateur work before. We want guys who are sincerely excited about doing adult videos and pictures. We offer our guys the chance to make a fantasy come true, and have a great experience in a safe and professional environment.
What kind of
modeling will I do?
Adult-oriented, all-male photo and video.
What kind of photos?
A typical solo photo session is 200-300 posed photos, clothed to nude.
What kind of video?
We produce both solo scenes and hardcore action scenes. Depending on your experience and comfort level, new models might be asked to do solo work before being considered for action scenes.
How are the photographs
and videos used?
Besides DVD, we own and operate a membership site, supply content to other website clients, print magazines and others.
How long does a modeling session last?
That depends on the type of work that is agreed to by the photographer and model. A typical combination first-time solo photo/video session is 3 to 4 hours.
Where do they
take place?
We are based in Illinois. We work year-round. Depending on your location, we might come to you, or arrange for you to come to us in IL, or wherever we might need you.
Does Citiboyz provide for transportation and expenses?
Transportation is always provided at Citiboyz expense. While on a shoot, lodging and a meal allowance are provided.
Do I have to be
gay or bi?
Your sexual preference is your own business. Many straight guys do solo work for us, since it's very difficult for men to break into the "str8 porn" business. All we ask is for an open mind and the desire to show off for the cameras.
What does it pay?
Our models are paid on a "per scene" basis. We think that's the most fair. How much you can earn is only limited by how many scenes you do. It's a misconception that performers in adult video get paid tons of $$$ (those days are over) but it's fun work and you get to travel and meet interesting people. Here's a guide to scene rates (Aug. 2014).

Type of Scene Time Required Performer's Pay
Solo Photo Session 2-3 hours $150.00
Solo Video Session 1-2 hours $150.00
Hardcore Action Scene 3-5 Hours $300.00+

How are models paid?
Models are paid at the time of the shoot. We don't believe in asking you to work in exchange for future payment, or royalties.
Can I be a model
more than once?
Yes. Some of our guys have been in multiple videos. If we like your work and your work-attitude, and the viewers like you too, then it's very likely we'll want you back.
What are
"exclusive" models?
Exclusive models are those models who work for only one company. We don't ask models to be exclusive, but we do have models who are exclusive by their own choice.
Do I have to sign anything?
You will be required to sign a model release. You will also be required to have proof of age. CitiBoyz is in full compliance with federal law 18 USC 2257, which requires us to verify your identity, and that you're of legal age.
Do I have to use my real name in the videos?
Privacy is important. You will not use your real name. You will use a stage name.
I've done some adult work before. Can I still model for you?
We specialize in new, first time guys. If you've worked for other companies, or plan to, then it limits our ability to market you, and that may be what we base a yes/no decision on.
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