Suck Buddies
Starring Bradley Allen & Trey Camden

With Chance Davis, Gage Powers, Justin Slater & Jeremy West

Directed by Steve Shay

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19 year old cutie, Chance Davis, walks into his bedroom after a much-needed cold shower. A long day at school, staring at all those cute boys is bound to get any young boy hot and horny, so what better to do then cool off and then jerk off. He strips away his towel and slowly massages his 8" of boy flesh to a very thick, delicious erection. If you love those athletic-type straight boys, then keep watching as our young athlete Chance climaxes with a huge load of tasty boy nectar.

18 y/o Bradley Allen along with his cutie lover, 18 y/o Trey Camden, manage to get away for the weekend to a very exotic gay resort in South Florida. Enjoying themselves fully as they kiss and caress their naked bodies in the spacious Jacuzzi, they are walked in on the stunning 19 y/o Justin Slater. His broad shoulders, built chest, and washboard abs are enough to convince the two lovers that three dicks are better then two. Justin jumps into the action as Bradley and Trey take turns sucking his gigantic 9 inches of swollen flesh. As the temperature rises, the boys move to the sundeck to explore more combinations and possibilities of having three eager mouths and cocks. The boyish fluids erupt into orgasmic loads of cum everywhere, especially all over the delicious chest and abs of young Justin.

Picture a very large bathroom, a shower with multiple showerheads, a 5 foot mirror above the sink, and the delicious 21 year old, Jeremy West. The possibilities are endless. Jeremy is enjoying the cooling sensation of the water beading off of his head, both of them actually, thanks to the multiple showerheads. He slowly strokes his cock, starting slowly, then getting faster, teasing you with every stroke. He turns off the water and dries off, continuing to jerk off his boy meat, now oozing with yummy boyish precum. Our young narcissist then moves onto the sizeable mirror to watch himself as he finally erupts and shoots squirt after squirt of youthful protein shake over the mirror.

There's nothing more relaxing then having some friends over to your dad's summer house for the weekend to hangout and have a good time. 20 y/o Gage Powers is lounging around outside by the hottub with his cute friends, Bradley Allen and Trey Camden. The boys are just sitting around, enjoying the sun, and trying to think of what to do when, what the hell, Bradley takes the initiative, comes on to Gage and hungrily sucks on his perfect cock. After a few minutes of jerking off by himself from across the deck, boytoy Trey gets into the action and takes over sucking Gage. The three boys take turns jerking and sucking each other in positions, and the scene comes to a close with the boys cumming on the innocent looking Trey, lucky him, huh?
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Models in Vol. 11:
Bradley Allen
Trey Camden
Chance Davis
Gage Powers
Justin Slater
Jeremy West